Frequently Asked Questions

What is Play Therapy?

Non directive play therapy is a therapeutic intervention which allows the child a safe place and time to explore emotional dfficulties that may be interfering with everyday life. Through the metaphor of play, self healing is promoted and strategies given so that the child can learn to cope.

How much is it?

Assessment £60, Sessions £60 (prices right as from April 2021)

Is my child seen on their own?

Yes, but parents/carers are invited into the therapy room during the initial assesment.

Do I have to stay on site?

If your child is under 16, yes please. Your child may be unsure or distressed and so they can be reassured if you are availbale at any point during the sessions.

Can I ask my child questions after the session?

It is is not recommended to cross examine your child as this will undermine the trusting relationship built between therapist and client. However the common goal of the sessions is to empower the child to discuss with the parent/carer the difficulties experienced.

Will I be able to have feedback?

Because the sessions offer confidentiality to your child, feedback and detail of the sessions are kept to the minimum. However parents will have the opportunity to review the work at the end of the six sessions.

What is the age range?

Children are seen from the age of 3 upwards. Play therapy is used with anyone who wishes to play and for when talking is not appropriate.