Paperwork for Therapists

If you are a play therapist and would like to use my assessment paperwork please feel free to down load the sheets. Please print the whole sheet with my logo to protect copy right and it would be wonderful if you could donate just £5.00 to the friends of St Barnabas House . The centre are trying to raise funds for building work being carried out in order to expand the counselling and therapy service in the area. Many thanks. Debbie Instructions for the use of the Emotion Profile and teachers Assessment form. It is suggested that the child’s form be completed together at the initial session and at week 6. This will generate a percentage score that can be plotted on a graph to gauge improvement or deterioration in emotion. The Teacher’s Assessment form is given to staff to complete again at week 1 and 6. This score can be used to evaluate observed behaviours in class and complement the criteria used in the Emotion Profile. I use the following script’ “ Over the last two weeks, where this end is , very sad and this end is, extremely happy, which face would best describe how you have been feeling?” “And where this end is , every day I want to cry to every day I just want to laugh, which face?” “ and every day I’m so nervous and worried to No, I’m calm and cool. Which face?”

And so forth. I find that talking through each emotion in an animated fashion will help the client decide accurately how they have been feeling over the past 2 weeks and reflecting afterwards for clarification can prompt some good conversations. On the back of the sheet is the chance to draw a House-Tree-Person picture.According to Oster and Crone(2004) ‘ this is one of the most used methods to gather data regarding an individual’s degree of personality integration, cognitive maturity and interpersonal connectedness.’ A fuller explanation of how to use this technique can be found in ‘Using Drawings in Assessment and Therapy’ by G.D.Oster and P.G.Crone (2004)I use both forms in and out of schools, where appropriate, for ages 4 to 12. After this time I use the CORE assessment. I hope you find the forms helpful. Click the links below to download

Teacher's Assessment form

How Happy are You